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    Bracken Studios

    The team at Bracken Studios has years of experience – whether it’s event room styling, balloons,handcrafted stationery & crafts, accessories for your event, or if you are simply after some advice on what can make your event that extra bit special – Bracken Studios can help you to put the final touches to your plan, ensuring that your event is one to remember.

    Bracken Studios can make any event – from a Wedding to a Birthday – a special one.

    Karen has been the creative force behind styling many wedding venues , formals, hen nights and other special occasions for many years. A talented dressmaker and former adult education tutor, Karen specialises in extra touches and accessories that can make all the difference to any event. From handmade stationery and favours, to creating that perfect colour scheme – Karen can help you to make your event for any seasonal occasion especially memorable.